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PUBG Mobile September update and a $2 million esports

PUBG Mobile September update

The enormously well-known mobile battle royale will see a significant update on September 8.

PUBG mobile is the best battel royal game so far. However, the versatile variant of the original shooter keeps on being one of the biggest and best games on earth. What’s more, presently, it’s getting a 1.0 update that guarantees enormous lifts to execution. And different advantages, in the nick of time for an arranged $2 million esports competition set to commence in November.

The PUBG Mobile group, Chinese tech, and gaming goliath Tencent say the 1.0 update is planned for release on September eighth. And it will rise to a 30 percent expansion in the outline rate. And a 76 percent decline in slack, contingent upon the kind of gadget you’re utilizing. The game is additionally getting various visual and configuration updates. Including upgrades to the primary anteroom screen and overhauls of dropping, running, and other in-game developments.


“Particles, smoke, air impacts, gag streaks, and the expansion of degree connection make each shot more practical.” The group says in an official statement. “Moves up to lighting frameworks and surface quality bring the vegetation, sky, and water to live.

PUBG Mobile September update

Beginning in November, PUBG Mobile’s esports circuit will begin facilitating a consolidated World League. And World Championship occasion called the PUBG Mobile Global Championship, which will unite expert players from the Americas, Europe, South Asia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and China to seek a prize pool of $2 million. “Because of the worldwide pandemic, an on-location crowd may not be feasible for PMGC Season Zero. However, if it is preserved to do as such, the group will start in late November, occurring over various studios,” the group says.

Since its delivery in 2018, PUBG Mobile has developed into one of the best games on earth. Out-procuring the first PC form with an eye-popping $1.3 billion in income a year ago, as per the examination firm Sensor Tower. The game currently has more than 600 million downloads and 50 million dynamic players, excluding the Chinese terrain. Where a rebranded adaptation of the game called Game for Peace (overhauled to alleviate China’s strict oversight and substance laws) allegedly has an extra 150 million dynamic players.


I hope you all also excited about the upcoming update and the forthcoming tournament. PUBG Mobile September update on its way. And it officially releases on the 8th of September. And the tournament is taking place in November. So stay tuned for further updates, which are to introduce in September and be ready for the tournament.

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