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How to Start your Web Hosting Business

How to Start your Web Hosting Business

Various reasons motivate individuals to launch a hosting business. A second income source can be a motivator for others. It could be a kind of work from home job for some. There are relatively low startup costs for this type of work. You should not, however, become a host for some reasons. It’s not the business for someone who wants a stress-free life. If you are on the phone with a client and their site goes down, it is not a piece of cake. Small businesses and million-dollar hosting businesses alike find this business stressful. Despite having employees take care of things, web hosts who grow big are still stressed out. Lets learn How to Start your Web Hosting Business.

How to Start your Web Hosting Business

It would be wise if you did not step into this business when you are limited in time. There are no holidays in this business—plan on sacrificing your social life if you must. You’re dealing with customers all the time. You can experience server failures at any time. Throughout the day, hackers try to crack your servers. Hosts have a hard time sleeping.

Don’t expect to make huge money in no time in this business. Many Web hosts fail to realize their return on investment (ROI), so they go bankrupt or become dormant. Often, people underestimate expenses or overestimate returns. Those Web Hosts that fail to make it smoothly quietly close up shop. Demotivation is inevitable if you are motivated by money. Money does not come easily in this business, and it takes a lot of work to earn a decent sum. One more thing you need to know about starting a hosting company that people want Best Cheap Web Hosting in India.

How should you contribute?

Business experience is ideal for a new entrepreneur. Business experience in the technical fields, such as computer sales, ISPs, website design, or E-businesses, can be a great help since you would already be familiar with running a business in your niche, accounts, taxes, and legalities. You would be pretty valuable if you’ve ever owned and managed a Website. 

It is essential to have technical knowledge. There are more than a few 14-year-olds running their own companies in the hosting industry. These young entrepreneurs mainly possess technical skills. We highly recommend you have some knowledge about Linux and Windows. A control panel software and Internet server should be familiar with the various components. You will be accommodating if you have a reasonable understanding of HTML and some scripting.

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How to choose a server

The servers you lease or own are the real estate of the Web Host business. What you rent is your server space. When you discount the operating system and control panel software from your server, you might be able to resell maybe 30GB of it.

Getting a server is necessary to host websites when starting your business. Most newcomers are unsure of what this means. It’s debatable whether or not they should lease a server, go co-op, or become a primary reseller.

Software selection

To manage your billing and help desk, you will need software for Control Panel, Billing, and Help Desk.

You can automate some administrative tasks with Control Panel software. Web hosting companies widely use control panel software, and their clients expect that a Client-side control panel will be included as a standard feature. Many control panels are available, including Plesk,,, and

Billing software is not always included with some control panels. In such cases, you must purchase it separately. Among the well-known billing software in control, panels are ModernBill and Ubersmith.

Supporting and maintaining technology

You will get calls from customers complaining of issues such as “I can’t access my email,” “I can’t access my website,” or asking for help with “How can I start my PHP script,” or “How can I use Frontpage to add my website.” Once you start your Hosting Web company, you will receive calls from customers voicing complaints. From the absurd to the complicated, you may expect to receive many questions.

You cannot misunderstand this. DO NOT go about playing on the server if you are not familiar with troubleshooting Internet servers and Linux/Windows. Service downtime can be unacceptable and even lead to losing valuable customer information. Owners of Web hosting companies learn technical skills from their servers and customers (a scary notion). It is unwise for them to take advantage of this trust.

Charges on credit cards

Online credit cards are likely to be used by your clients if they are global. Credit card acceptance is generally handled by 3rd party payment gateways like,,, and You can offer your customers an interface through which they can securely input credit card information. In many cases, merchants don’t even see the credit card numbers, making them safer.

How to market your website

To rank anywhere above the millions of other hosts already out there, you need to market your site effectively.

As Google realizes you are not updating your site as often, it will crawl it much less frequently – because there is no need to crawl your site so often when it is the same every time. Therefore, you have to make sure you have a lot of relevant information on the site, lots of links, and a lot of information that needs to be updated at least once a week. You can demonstrate regular updates to your website by adding a news section.

Pay Per Click programs such as Google AdWords and Overture are another way to promote your website. A hosting keyword is relatively expensive, and you will probably pay more than $2 per click.

Keeping a competitive edge

The Web Host market has thousands of providers, and many of them try to reach customers by being the cheapest host. Web Hosting is not a better choice when you want to contact customers for the lowest prices. Be careful to avoid getting burned. In just one year, web hosts went from selling the cheapest web hosting plans to offering the most expensive ones. Things have gotten so bad.

You should identify niches of hosting that you are the best at and become the leaders in those niches. Application hosting, such as Oracle hosting, is one service offered by Web hosts.

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