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How to Save on Books|Save on book purchase

How to Save on Books|Save on book purchase

We are presenting some tips which will save your money on the purchase of books. Hope these 8 tips that help you to save on books.

Borrow a Book From Someone.

Borrowing is always a great option. Some of our friends, relatives, colleagues always have a hobby of purchasing the latest bestsellers. And collect the book, they buy but don’t read them. Keep them in showcase so the best way is to borrow from them.

But do take care that you keep them in good condition and Remember to return them in the right condition. After you read as this will make them think that you have made use of the book, take another book. Returning the book in good condition plays a good part in this whole process. As you are using another person’s book and if you don’t return it right Condition. Believe it or not it will leave a bad impression about your overall attitude towards handling things.

Look For Second Hand

Going for the second-hand books is good when you want to read novels but you don’t want to spend it. This doesn’t apply for coursebooks because syllabus changes often. This method can be used for novels where only information and story always remains the same. Novels are Novels it doesn’t matter if you have ‘The Alchemist’ 5-year-old or now the data and the content always remains the same. So why waste money, actually the concept is you can go with the second-hand book also and can get the best knowledge out of them also.

Look For book Exchange Sites

Book exchange sites provide you books at a really lower subscription rate on a monthly or yearly basis. They send the book to your home and when you read the book the will simply take that book and you can get another book without having to buy the book. The rate is really cheap for a subscription so you can look for this on Google.

Search in Library for the book

From ancient times the Library is a great place to get books. As Library subscription cost very cheap this is also a good and ultimate option. I used to get 2 books, magazines, CDs from the library and which was a great deal for very fewer prices so try subscribing to a good library. Almost every good library gives you 10-15 days which is enough to read. Many libraries can provide for months of issue, and reissue option.
The library once I subscribed gave me the option to request a book and they tend to make the book available to us in 5-10 days which is not at all bad. This saved a lot of money on books.

Search on Websites for a book

You can download E-Book to read on computers and devices.Some websites offer free books. Go to amazon and type free books and you will find many novels free of cost, which costs on printed editions. I have also downloaded many good books which are free at these big sites. And these books are licensed so no piracy.

Getting free books from see this post

Look for Deals

Look of deals, many of the authors when launch a book give some 500-1000 copies for free so try to catch the early bird and you can get then. Also, some sites give huge discounts on old editions, for novels editions don’t matter so try to grab them.

Try to Buy in Groups

Add books to wishlist in many sites and when you and your friends have made the collection buy the books in a group this saves the shipping as many sites offer to ship free on higher transactions, so buy in a group.

Search for the Coupons

Search for discount coupons, Google it and you will find 5% off, 10%off, 20% off coupons which can save your money. I applied to many places and it worked for me like a charm.

Where to buy old books to save on books?

In every city, there are places where you will find the old book market on a certain day or weekday like on Sunday. You can ask your friends about it. The sellers here sells the book really at cheap rates. Sometimes back I visited my brother’s house where he showed me a market which is open only on Sunday morning where we can get good books at really cheap or simply say some were at a 90% discount. Also, these markets are simply for 1-2 days so the sellers sell them at a low rate to sell all of their books to make at least some profit.


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