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How to Exercise Programs for Your Brain

How to Exercise Programs for Your Brain

According to the Washington Post, “Recent research shows that the brain remains plastic, or trainable, throughout our lives. The Journal of the American Medical Association published a study in 2002 that showed significant improvements in memory, reasoning, and information-processing speed for 2,802 participants age 65 and older trained for five weeks for about two and a half hours per week.”. See How to Exercise Programs for Your Brain.

How to Exercise Programs for Your Brain
How to Exercise Programs for Your Brain

That kind of article will appear increasingly often, which is great for a field still in its infancy. Before creating a program of this type, you should always consider these points:

  1. Describe how the specific program will be offered: how many hours each week, how many weeks, what outcomes will be achieved? Our experience has been that some programs leave things so open that it’s unclear how users are supposed to benefit. The coach can usually provide us with a good program and structure when we tell him our goals at the gym
  2. Which studies have been published, or have been submitted for publication, which show that those benefits will likely be achieved if the person follows that specific program?
  3. If any benefits were obtained, how would they translate into our real lives or how would they affect our cognitive abilities/skills? In essence, we become better at a game if we play it. That’s great in itself because you learn something new, and you gain confidence during the process. What is the best way to know that those new mental abilities will also benefit me in domains beyond the game itself?

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A healthy diet and regular exercise were proven crucial to our well-being and aging gracefully in the 1990s. A physical fitness gym helps us exercise our bodies, build heart capacity, and develop healthy muscles. We learn from trainers that novelty and variety are important to achieving our fitness goals, as well as structure. TWO Brain Fitness to become as widespread as physical fitness one day for kids, adults, and seniors, as the need to keep exercising our brains is now becoming more well-known. Today’s gyms will be expanded to include brain gyms.

There is an excellent program offered by Position Science focused on auditory processing training. Throughout the next few months, I believe the media will start discussing some Brain Fitness Programs. There is no benefit to Brain Fitness exclusively for seniors or only for preventing cognitive decline and, possibly, to delay the onset of diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

As part of its RoboMemo software-based working memory program, Cogmed offers working memory training. Cogmed was developed by Swedish researchers led by Torkel Klingberg, MD, PhD, from Karolinska Institute. According to the researchers, anyone can improve their working memory by following correctly designed and intensive training. Improvements in working memory translate into measurable and tangible improvements in daily life for people with severe attention deficits.

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