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How to Choose a Shared Web Hosting Company

How to Choose a Shared Web Hosting Company

Hosting on a shared server is a form of cheap web hosting India where many websites are hosted on the same machine. Your website is hosted on a server with the websites of other customers. Each server usually hosts between 100 and 400 websites. How can you determine which plan is best for your needs? Learn How to Choose a Shared Web Hosting Company.

How to Choose a Shared Web Hosting Company
How to Choose a Shared Web Hosting Company

Choosing Windows or Linux

Windows web hosting means all the files needed to run your website are stored on Windows OS servers, and Linux web hosting means your website’s files are stored on Linux servers. Originally, websites only contained HTML files and pictures. If you want to create a website that contains only HTML files and images, it doesn’t matter whether you’re running Linux or Windows. After setting everything up right and adding HTML files and pictures, your website is ready. Your website is more complex, containing CSS, databases, and scripting language. You style your web page appearance using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). For example, articles, customer information, site statistics, etc., are stored in databases like MySQL and MSSQL. Script language is used to access them and display them on your browser.

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Scripting language

These codes run on the webserver to access server resources, such as databases and other files, and then interpret the code into HTML to allow viewing via web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, or Safari. Sometimes these codes are hidden for statistical purposes. The most common are PHP, ASP, and ASP.Net.

The open-source nature of PHP and its ability to run on both Windows and Linux make it more daily. Windows even runs PHP better. The only platforms that run PHP are Windows and. NET. Choosing the script language that suits you better is critical if you intend to learn it. There is no superior script language.


Much free Content Management Systems like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal are written in PHP and have databases to store their contents. The best database to use for hosting websites with content management systems. You should choose a web hosting plan with at least five databases available (ex. 10 databases). You never know when you may need to experiment with them. The easiest way to set up a blog is to use one free CMS mentioned earlier. My guess is you’ll use Linux and MySQL.

How much disk space do you need?

In the case of a web server, the amount of storage space is the amount of data or files that exist on the hard drive. Various hosting companies offer up to 10 GB and 100+ GB of space for storing your files. It’s more than enough to choose a web host plan allowing 1 GB storage if you’re starting a blog. The amount of traffic/transfer per month is the volume of data that can be downloaded and uploaded. The amount of traffic your website gets would be 1000x10x60KB. That’s 600MB of traffic per month if your site has 1000 visitors per month who view 10 pages of your site on average. You will not need to worry about bandwidth if you have ten times this amount.

Are traffic and storage unlimited?

A web host company usually uses the word unlimited when describing its services. Check their terms of service; most likely, their absolute term is not available to you. The term does not apply to standard files unrelated to web pages.

However, a company that sells unlimited hosting plans will not provide lousy service. Many even provide high-quality services. Simplify the situation. A VPS or dedicated hosting plan will give you better speed and response when visitors open your site if your website traffic is high.

Performance of web servers

With Linux webservers, you can run many tasks simultaneously with extreme stability. However, it does not mean Windows is wrong. It is the correct terminology: Linux may be able to exceed server capacity, but Windows cannot. The hosting company may offer 400 Linux-hosted accounts and 350 Windows-hosted accounts.

Pricing and support may differ

In general, Windows web hosting is more expensive than Linux-based hosting because Windows is proprietary software, and the company pays for the license (so you have to pay for it in part). The web host company usually charges less for Linux as it is free and open source. Some web hosts do not charge as much for Linux as free and open source. Windows and Linux have similar prices.

You’ll find that many web hosts with a good reputation will charge you either Linux or Windows hosting fees. Since the company guarantees service satisfaction, its pricing policy makes sense. Periodic backups consume time and personnel, changing the server if the server is down, etc. Don’t forget that cheap and expensive are not always the same thing. It is possible to find many web hosts that sell their service expensively but don’t offer a good support service. Many sell their service relatively cheaply but provide excellent support service. It’s important to understand that web hosting is a service business and customer satisfaction is the customer’s responsibility. Neither all customers nor all web hosting companies run ideally 100% trouble-free. Thus, support tickets, phone calls, live chats, and forums became extremely useful for solving hosting problems.


You have contributed to an increase in server load for the hosting service. Therefore, looking for web hosting that stores all of your files in quad-core-processor servers is more secure than dual-core-processor servers. A web host offering newer technology will probably charge you more if you consider the price.

Web control panel

Managing files, domains, and other tasks related to your website are done through your control panel. In addition, there are proprietary systems used only by that website host company, such as cPanel, Plesk, and H-Sphere. It is probably the most popular. There are proprietary control panels that offer more but also bad ones. Many web hosts offer a free trial of their control panel.

An email account is included

Except if you are hosting a big company’s website with hundreds of employees, you do not need a ton of email accounts. Personal websites for personal use would be more concerned with the number of webmail accounts than the number of email accounts because email is accessible only by an internet browser from anywhere.

The company must be accredited

Some web hosting companies have become members of the BBB (Better Business Bureau) or TRUSTe. Usually, organizations like these that accredit web hosts place their logo on their homepage.

It is advantageous to choose a web host company that has joined BBB (for example) because you can report any complaints you have on the web host company to BBB. BBB also rates its members according to their customer satisfaction ratings. The fact that a company is not a member of BBB does not mean its services are inadequate. There is already a web host member of BBB, and they already have many complaints from their customers. However, they have not reported the complaints to BBB.

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